Supporting you to put the wind in your sails

Supporting you to put the wind in your sails dyslexia mallorca

It is my perception that there are many people in the yachting industry who have self-reported difficulties with literacy, which can impact on the ease to which qualifications can be attained for those individuals. Often those inflicted with dyslexia, who are over 25 may not have had a formal diagnosis and can find themselves unsupported and out-of-their-depth as far as examinations are concerned. A common indicator of dyslexia is memory deficiencies, making learning facts and details problematic. If someone with literacy difficulties is determined to progress in the highly competitive yachting industry, it will be necessary to remember important facts and retain complicated information in order to pass and provide safe-practice on-board.

I am able to formally diagnose dyslexia, which may enable you to receive extra time in examinations. Depending on your diagnostic profile, you may also be entitled to a reader and/or a scribe, to help you to secure your qualification. I am also currently working on a support programme that I can offer to individuals in the yachting industry, on a 1:1 basis, that can help to boost your memory and performance. My proven strategies can help you to retain information more effectively and give you the confidence you require to succeed. Please contact me if you have any queries.