Quality On-line Support for Learning with Dyslexia

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The COVID crisis has pushed our boundaries and while creating difficulties for some learners who need to work in an interactive environment, it is also providing opportunities to use new techniques, which may be beneficial for some learners with Specific Learning Difficulties. My recent training enables me to help learners become organized for remote learning. At Dysl3xia we use techniques to support the individuals working memory in the remote learning environment, while avoiding information overload.

I have a selection of different interactive games and techniques that help to engage learners and keep them motivated throughout the session. If students can have fun while learning, the information is more likely to be retained. I continue to use multi-sensory techniques for those learners with Dyslexia when using on-line provision, which helps to engage their brains and unlock their potential.

If you or your child with literacy difficulties or dyslexia is struggling to learn effectively in these unprecedented times, please do not hesitate to contact me.