Learning Styles

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Everybody has their own preferred learning style and best method for maximum learning. Some people are visual learners, needing to see pictures or text that is written down before they can comprehend it. Others need verbal instructions to aid their comprehension and many with dyslexia require hands-on activities to support their learning. We use multi-sensory techniques to engage the senses and seek to ensure that learning can be accumulated and channelled into long-term memory. The vast majority of students who attend my individualised learning programmes enjoy my lessons. I use the Dyslexia Action Literacy Programme, with many game-related activities, to revise, learn and reinforce key points, focusing on weaknesses and encouraging success, and increasing self-esteem. I can also provide full dyslexia assessments, which can guide the learning process, at home, at school, or in the workplace, such as for those in the yachting industry. Please do not hesitate to contact me at dysl3xia.com or on 682 593379 for further information and advice.