Dyslexic Fun at Christmas!

So, I was asked by one of my lovely parents of one of my students what their dyslexic child should be doing over the Christmas period. My response was READ, READ and READ! Also, PLAY WORD GAMES and HAVE SOME FUN WITH LANGUAGE AND WORDS!

Graphic novels are a great choice for struggling readers, or choose titles or topics that are of interest to the individual: If your child is into horses, a good horsey book with lots of pictures and visuals should suffice. If they are into football, there are plenty of football-related books on the market. Talking books can be good to support vocabulary development and if the text is available to follow along, all the better!

Good literacy games include Bananagrams, Junior Scrabble, Boggle or the simple game of Hangman or Categories, and other paper and pencil games. Have an easy-to-use dictionary or computer/phone handy to check the spelling and give support to your child, while developing independent learning wherever possible. A dyslexic child can easily exacerbate their difficulties by becoming a reluctant reader, so the more we can do to encourage reading in a non-threatening environment, without judgment, the better. If you require more support for your child, please contact me at Dysl3xia.com or on +34 682 593379. #