Dyslexia Awareness Month October 2021

Dyslexia is a Specific Learning Disability that affects approximately 10% of the population.  Difficulties understanding letters and sounds, often in conjunction with memory issues that impact on the ability to read and write.  Differences include slow writing and reading, inconsistent spelling, confusion of word order, and difficulty with planning and organisation.  Dyslexia Difficulties In school cooperative learning practices, where friends can support each other, often help to develop self-confidence.  It is interesting to note that due to its genetic nature, dyslexia often runs in families.  Also, although only 11% of the population is left-handed, 50% of those with dyslexia favour their left hand.  Many people with dyslexia are extremely creative and with the right attitude, are able to become extremely successful.  If you or your children need some support to ensure they reach their true potential, please contact Anita Vince at www.dysl3xia.com or call +34 682593379.  I can offer full assessments and interventions, that are fun, with a proven track record.  I look forward to working with you and also with your child’s school, where possible, to provide some positive strategies to help instil success.