Brain Training!

Memory and processing difficulties are key to understanding dyslexia. A full assessment can pinpoint exactly where a person’s strengths and weaknesses lie and therefore offer the most effective strategies to help and support, ultimately making learning easier.

It can be so uplifting to discover that previous underachievement can be linked to cognitive deficits rather than laziness and really help to build self-esteem.

Individualized learning programmes can provide guidance, offering a lifeline towards becoming more self-sufficient and resilient, by understanding personal obstacles and barriers to learning.

It is possible that 25% extra time in examinations may be recommended, which will help both children or adults to achieve their potential.  Help may be for GCSEs, A levels, or MCA Yachting examinations for both captains and engineering routes.

If you require further information please contact Anita at www, or call +34 682593379.  Help is available here in Mallorca!