Achieving student independence

dyslexia in mallorca student independence

One of my major goals through teaching at dysl3xia is to develop student independence. The strategies that I use help to instill in each child their own personal responsibility for monitoring and developing their learning and understanding. I help to guide them to help themselves and provide them with ideas and support strategies where they become more self-sufficient in the classroom setting.

In this way, they can develop self-confidence and become less reliant on teacher support, using them only when they have exhausted their own avenues for help and advice. Dyslexic pupils and those with literacy difficulties can be taught to self-regulate and learn to understand how they can help themselves. If you would like you child to benefit from my re-education lessons, please contact me at Dysl3xia, here in Mallorca.

If you or your child with literacy difficulties or dyslexia is struggling to learn effectively in these unprecedented times, please do not hesitate to contact me.